Angels are described as high spiritual beings appointed by God as guides, protectors, helpers and messengers. Christianity has always referred to Angels as divine messengers. Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism all include Angels in their stories.

Let me introduce you to my Angels, firstly, Luchia, my Guardian Angel, and Auriel, Ithiel and Raziel, my Guiding Angels. This is a message for you all from them.

"Dear children of God know that you are loved by your Angels and Spirit Guides and link into them as much as you like. They are always willing to help and guide you and would delight in being able to be of assistance. As Gillian knows it does not take a specific skill or ability to do this, but you must ask, believe, let it happen and say thank you. Such simple guidelines, but some humans choose to ignore our help for fear of being seen as unhinged, but what of the many people that do? Do you see them as being not quite normal or perhaps you think that in doing this connection to us you will be uncovering something of which you will regret? "

"Have no fear dear ones for the Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides Ascended Masters and all the spiritual helpers are just there for you to access and receive divine guidance. This is not possible unless you try and if you do not succeed at first it does not mean that you have failed, but need time to make the link stronger. We are here in the shadows just awaiting the opportunity to help you, we are the messengers created by God to help human kind in any way that we can. There are millions and trillions of Angels and Archangels, many with nothing to do, but await a call to help others. There are Angels for every aspect of life, so why miss out on this heavenly help? "