I have always found it useful to be able to have a chat to someone who has had Angelic experiences. I have had many of them, but am very interested to hear more. So if you would like to discuss your experiences or how you can contact your Angels, you are most welcome to contact me.

I will conclude with an experience that I had that fully awakened me to the power of my Guardian Angel, Luchia. It happened about eight years ago, but is still very fresh in my mind.

I had driven to the to the local shops in my car on a very wet day. As I approached the ' T junction to turn left to the shops I slowed down as a car was coming along the road from the right, however my foot slipped on the brake pedal and the car shot forward. I truly believed that this was it I would be killed. I lost sense of time for what would be seconds and felt disorientated. When I next looked up I was on the main road, but my car was safely stopped on the road I was due to turn into, but was on the left hand side facing away from the shops, so in the other direction. The other car was parked outside of the shops. I felt most odd, but I knew instantly that I had been saved by divine means and am grateful to my Guardian Angel for her intervention.


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