Spirit Guides

We all have Spirit Guides, they could be anybody and may have lived on earth many centuries ago. People talk of their Guides as being a Native American, a Chinaman or in my case a High Priest from Atlantis. They work closely with you to help, guide and advise the individual about their clairvoyant, healing and spiritual skills. Different Guides will come at specific times to help.  A Gatekeeper Guide is one who organise these contacts and is constantly with the person from birth to death.

Let me introduce you to Shasta, my Gatekeeper Guide and his message for you.

"It is important for people to realise that they are not alone that they all have Spirit Guides, teachers, helpers, who are  just awaiting the opportunity to help them, but need to be asked to do so. How often we see humans struggle with their problems, not knowing which way to turn and all they needed to do was ask for help, from God, from the Angels, from us the Guides, but they do not do so for fear of being seem as ‘a nut case’, not right in the head, a head case. All those terms are derogatory and mean that they are prevented from receiving genuine help. It is such a pity that they do not realise the many gifts they have to connect to other realms and receive comfort".

"Part of your role,Gillian, is to enable them to understand that it is not abnormal to do this, why would you have this ability if it was? Bring your problems to your spiritual friends they are only too willing to help. Adjust your thinking and see that although we are unseen it does not mean that we are not there. We exist in another dimension, some like you Gillian are able to access these realms, but the avenue is open to everyone, it just needs faith and a commitment to seeing beyond the veil of illusion to what is beyond. It is accessible, it is for you all and you will be amply rewarded for your endeavours in seeking our help. Why deprive yourself of this help, what good does it do to feel unwanted, not helped and alone, when all you need to do is ask? "